ECU Remapping Exeter

ECU Remapping Exeter 

Based in Exeter and want a remap? Just Call 07956 024658 or 01392 825674 to find out just how much more performance you can get!

ECU Remapping Exeter

Did you know that with our ECU Remapping you could increase your BHP and Torque by up to 35%!. Depending on your type of engine will depend on just how much extra power you can get….

Once we have remapped your vehicle, you can typically expect to get the following increases in power to your car:

+35% Extra power for turbo fitted  diesel engines

+25% Extra power for turbo fitted  petrol engines

+12% Extra power for standard petrol engines

+8% Extra power for standard diesel engines

Why consider our ECU Remapping service?

  • Increased performance better fuel consumption
  • Conveniently based on Marsh Barton Exeter
  • DPF Removal
  • We can remap  most makes and models

ECU Remapping Prices from only £170

If you have any questions and want to learn more or want to book in a fitting then  please feel free to phone us today on:

07956 024658 or click here to visit us