Our Services

We can carry out all sorts of work on your Vauxhall. From full  Vauxhall Services, Pre M.O.T. Checks and any typical day to day problems.


All repair work is carried out by Qualified Technicians to a very high standard. Charged at an hourly rate of only £49.99 per hour and Trade rates are also available .

All works is only carried out only after final approval by the customer. So rest assured you will not incur any additional expenses.


We only use O.E spec braking components, all work is fully guaranteed.

Cam Belts

Cam belt Replacements carried out using full cam belt kits at very competitive prices.


Diagnostic work is carried out using Vauxhall Checking procedures alongside GM Vauxhall Tech 2 which is the same as Vauxhall dealers, but at a fraction of the price with diagnostic scans starting from £30.

ECU Remapping

Did you know that with our ECU Remapping you could increase your BHP and Torque by up to 35%!. Depending on your type of engine will depend on just how much extra power you can get….


DPF and EGR Removal

We are now offering DPF and EGR Removal from our workshop in Exeter. Replacing the DPF unit alone with an aftermarket bypass pipe is simply not enough as the DPF unit will try and initiate regeneration.


Economy Tuning

By finely tuning the engine and management system we are able to increase the efficiency of the vehicle by up to 20% without compromising reliability or performance.



We use a local company for tyres who offer competitive rates and friendly service.

Make sure to contact us on 07956 024 658 to discuss any requirements you may need. Or drop in to visit us on Marsh Barton Exeter


Bodywork is completed on site in a modern paint booth to insure the highest quality work, this is also insured by our bodywork specialist who has 25 years experience in this line of work. Guaranteeing the best finish possible every time.


It’s so important to check many components of your vehicles health before winter. No one wants to break down in the freezing cold, but more importantly safety is a huge concern for us, especially as we are parents ourselves and often see people unknowingly transporting their families in unsafe vehicles.

That’s why we are offering a
This includes…

Tyre pressures: Never is there a more important time to have your tyre pressure inflated to the correct level. We see, far to often customers cars running on dangerously low pressures and in some instances dangerously high. Remember your tyres are the only point of contact between you and the road.

Battery condition: The cold weather is starting to take its toll on batteries, we will test your starting and charging system for free.

Anti freeze levels: A lack of antifreeze, in your cooling system, can, in extreme conditions, cause your engines cooling system to freeze, potentially destroying the engine.

We understand many people simply don’t know how to keep their vehicle safe and running smoothly in winter. We’ll do all the necessary checks and show you how to stay safe this season.

Call, text or send us a message to secure your space, or pop in and we’ll be with you as soon as possible.
07956024658 or 01392 825674